How Your Business Can Effectively Use Facebook Messenger

In its drive to create more valuable conversations between businesses and customers, Facebook announced a number of tools and platform updates. 

According to Facebook, these tools and platform updates are designed to improve the user experience for people and create more opportunities to drive business outcomes on Messenger.

Why should you care?

In short, platform updates and new tools can provide a number of opportunities for businesses.

The first-mover advantage, for starters.

That coupled with meaningful content and engagement can really set your brand apart. 

I recently watched a video by Chris Do on How To Get 10k Followers On Instagram Per Week in which he described how social media platforms work and it made so much sense.

Firstly, social media platforms want people to spend more time on the app.

Secondly, social media platforms want to promote the adoption of new features and this could involve tweaking the algorithm to support people using these features.

An example of how new features take prominence is the increased visibility of carousels on Instagram. 

At one of its FB developer conferences, Facebook announced that it will be focusing more on groups, which means businesses could grow their audiences organically and build communities of engaged followers.

So as a social media manager, what do you do with this information?

You learn about these new features and find ways of integrating them into your strategy.

Just these 2 examples alone, show why it is important for your brand to keep up to date with updates if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

So, what are some of these tools and platform updates?

Lead generation is one business objective that most marketers are tasked with achieving and one way of generating leads is through messenger.

Facebook Ads Manager enables businesses to create automated experiences to help qualify leads within Messenger. 

Businesses can continue the conversation with prospects directly in Messenger and integrate with existing CRM tools to seamlessly track leads.

This solution enables businesses to integrate their existing calendar booking software to power booking experiences through Messenger. With this feature, businesses can convert Messenger conversations into in-store traffic, online and phone appointments, and more.

Updated Policies to Improve The Quality of Conversations Between People and Businesses

Revised Standard Messaging Window: 

Facebook updated its Standard Messaging window to 24 hours which also aligns with WhatsApp’s messaging window. 

Basically the 24-hour messaging window says that a business can send any type of communication to a client or customer within the 24 hours following a user’s interaction. If you are using chatbots like Manychat, you might want to pay attention to these updates.

Here’s a list of interactions that trigger the 24-hour standard messaging window;

Here’s a list of interactions that trigger the 24-hour standard messaging window;

  1. When a user messages the page
  2. User click a call to action button inside of messenger
  3. User clicks on messenger destination ad
  4. User click a messenger plugin (on your website for example)
  5. User posts or comments on a post

However, beyond 24 hours, developers will be able to utilize message tags and sponsored messages to reach their customers (see below).

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Streamlined Message Tags:

We are simplifying message tags, which enable businesses to send personalized, 1:1 messages to people outside of the standard messaging window for four use cases including post-purchase updates, event reminders, account updates, and human agent (closed beta).

Sponsored Messages

Businesses who want to send a message to many people, including promotional content, outside the standard messaging window will continue to have the opportunity to use sponsored messages

Sponsored messages are a great way for businesses to send targeted messages to re-engage people who currently have an open chat with the business. Businesses of all sizes, from emerging brands like Blenders Eyewear to global commerce companies including, QVC, use sponsored messages to nurture customer engagement and drive sales.

Subscription Messaging Beta Update:

Facebook is limiting access to Subscription Messaging (beta) to vetted news organizations. News organizations who successfully register their Pages through the Facebook News Page index can apply to be a part of the subscription messaging beta

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